Welcome to Donlon's "Stick it To 'Em"!

Stick it to 'em! Is a Donlon adaptation of a popular game more commonly known as "assassins". The game works like this:

  1. To sign up for the game, click the Register link in the above menu.
  2. After everyone registers, we will start the game. You are then given a name as your target and an ID number for yourself via this website on your User Page. Before the game starts, however, you must read the Rules and become familiar with them.
  3. Once you succeed in an elimination, you must take the target's "game ID number" and enter it into this website to receive confirmation of the kill. The website will then give you your next target (who happens to be your target's target).
  4. Once enough players have been eliminated or you get yourself as a target, the game ends. You can win by merely surviving, or eliminating everyone else in the game.

Registration Ends: November 12th.
Game Begins: November 13th.

It's a great way to meet more people from Donlon and have some fun testing your mad skills!